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How Strut is Revolutionizing Online Engagement and Learning

Leverage this innovation to improve student engagement 100% in both traditional on-ground and online classrooms. Engage like never before...

How Strut Learning’s New Concept is Revolutionizing Student Engagement and Online Learning

Leverage this innovation to improve student engagement 100% in both traditional on-ground and online classrooms.

Student engagement is an often-discussed concept in education. In a traditional in-person environment, educators can more easily see and feel how engaged their students are by how interested they seem in what they’re learning. The ways students interact with the content, instructor, and peers dictate their affinity with the material.

Online learning, however, presents a new set of obstacles in terms of gauging students’ interest. Students are separated by a computer. Faculty must now work to not only engage students in this new environment, but also keep them motivated despite the heightened potential for feelings like frustration and isolation. Educators must find new, innovative ways to maintain the same levels of engagement students experience inside a classroom.

Thankfully, advancements in technology allow educators to engage with students like never before with interactive digital content. We’ve created a hyper-efficient, single click ability for faculty to quickly answer and grade students posts. This revolutionary new concept of discussion ideas is poised to change the game.

Do you struggle with in-class or online student engagement?

Student engagement can vary whether your class is online or on a college campus. Even in an in-person environment, select personality types tend to dominate college classroom conversations. How can we increase diversity and equity in terms of ensuring all students are equally engaged?

Generational elements affect how we prefer to learn today, too. Millennials are less accustomed to direct verbal exchanges and more prone to online conversing through channels like text messaging, Instagram, and instant messenger.

Strut analyzed these two issues and asked ourselves: How can we address these two challenges while also improving student learning outcomes? How do we ensure the faculty that use our software are able to have regular substantive interactions with all students, and in a way that resonates with them? How do we accomplish all this while also improving student outcomes? The answer is our interactive discussion questions dialog feature.`

Creating regular substantive interaction with Interactive Discussions Questions (IDQ)

With this new module, instructors can embed private threaded discussion questions directly into students’ reading assignments. Imagine if you’re reading a book, and a question is placed after a pivotal section of the story to invoke thought about a specific point or theme.

The interaction capabilities here are truly next-level. Students can respond via an audio and/or video recording. This makes it possible to assess not only written communication skills, but verbal and interactional communication skills as well. No other LMS can do this.

Before, you could ask the class a question and would get feedback from the same students that always engage. Students who aren’t prone to verbal exchanges likely wouldn’t speak up. Now, you can diversify your questions, create ongoing dialogues, and give everyone a chance to participate. It provides the opportunity to up engagement to almost 100%.

This functionality is simple to use, too. If you’re in the courseware, it’s easy to add a question to reinforce key concepts. It can require a response from the student, and that response can be graded. The threaded discussion can go on as long as needed. The modality allows you to engage with each students’ responses.

Strut takes pride in our deep-data and powerful analytics, and this module is no different. You can track students’ results based on a grading rubric and keep everything streamlined. It’s a win/win – Students love being able to engage in a manner that’s comfortable to their learning styles, and educators love being able to seamlessly measure student progress.

Finally, online engagement may enhance and advance traditional on-ground

Although faculty could previously interact with students, it was challenging to define regular, substantive interaction with every student. This is the touchstone that changes everything. No longer do educators need to worry about falling short on their regular substantive interaction requirements. You can reach every student and monitor engagement in a single setting. No other LMS offers this capability, and it can be used in blended and in-person classrooms as well.

About Strut Learning: 

Founded in 2014 Strut offers proven, award-winning services and products that enable clients to innovate, transform and grow enrollments. Flexible, complete, high-quality GE, AA, BBA, MAOL accredited degree programs and a next-generation technology ecosystem radically reduce cost, complexity and time to market. Strut is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) learning company focused on enrollment growth. Our work redefines student support, retention and success required to attract techno-savvy millennial and generation-X students and grow. What’s a Strut? In short, we combine out of the box best in class LMS technology with an internal OPM model that empowers colleges and universities to efficiently deploy popular, high-quality online and hybrid programs in under 100 days; proven to grow enrollments. Strut invested $110M in a world-class technology platform designed to provide institutions with the power to rapidly (under 100 days) deploy a disruptive technology ecosystem and complete quality degree self-paced programs (GE, AA, BBA, BSIT, MAOL). Strut’s award-winning technology ecosystem is already in use at leading public and private institutions. Unlike others, who leverage third-party vendors to assemble a viable ecosystem - Strut delivers a proven and complete platform - able to effectively and efficiently provide instruction at scale. To help our partners modernize and optimize online offerings, we offer expert instructional planning and design services. Learn more about Strut Learning’s award-winning technologies and services by visiting our website.

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