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Lipscomb University Success Story

Lipscomb University selected Strut Learning as their partner in CBE to help ignite growth in their FLEX program. They have exceeded their goals, doubling the size of the program in its College of Professional Studies.

Lipscomb University's College of Professional Studies has created a new Online learning experience. Watch the video and learn how Lipscomb enables working adult students to succeed online.

It puts you (the student) in the middle of a robust interactive classroom, no matter where you are. Strut - Online courses created with you in mind.

1) Reach your goals

2) Advance your career

3) Acquire new skills that expand job opportunities

We specifically tailored these courses to provide you everything you are looking for in an adult degree. You can work quickly through courses you have experience with and stop and start as needed. You are not alone, our instructors and coaches are here to help and encourage you every step of the way.

Lipscomb University is one of the top-ranked universities in the southeast. Strut Learning is committed to supporting their efforts to offer the very best learning opportunities to help adults reach their goals and dreams.

About Strut Learning

Founded in 2014, Strut Learning partners with institutions to implement transformational education initiatives aimed at increasing adult learner enrollments. The rise of self-paced and competency-based education programs that target non-traditional students seeking opportunity in the skills economy demand new technical solutions that enable faculty to operate in this asynchronous environment.

The Strut Learning platform is the first next-generation learning platform built with the student at the center, rather than the course. It provides maximum flexibility and student support by actively augmenting faculty workflow to ensure maximum cognitive focus on tasks that advance learning. Innovative colleges and universities who recognize they must offer new kinds of programs select Strut Learning as their technology partner.

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