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Meet the Dedicated, Passionate & Innovative Leaders at Sagence Learning

Serving as Associate Vice President of Sales and Strategy, Kelly McCready has been a dedicated team member since Sagence Learning initially launched its CBE initiatives in 2014.

Kelly McCreadyAssociate Vice President of Sales & Strategy

Kelly has been a
dedicated team member since Sagence Learning initially launched its CBE
initiatives in 2014.  During this time,
she has held several leadership roles, including Director of Product Marketing,
CBE Program Manager and Head of Product, with each new opportunity being
prompted by the need to resolve a specific problem facing the company as it
approaches the new and growing CBE market. As Associate Vice President of Sales
and Strategy, Kelly works as a cross-functional member of the business
development team to determine client and market needs as they relate to platform
sales. Her passion for developing creative and sustainable solutions to
difficult problems within a range of business verticals provide a strong
foundation for aligning sales activity, service offerings, and academic
strategies in order to expand Sagence Learning’s client base and to deliver
product and services packages tailored for client and student success. 

Favorite Quote:

make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." 

What brought you to Sagence

I came to Sagence
Learning because I wanted to work at a small company that was focused and able
to execute on their goals quickly. Coming from a larger organization, I liked
the ability to learn about several different areas of the business and see the
results of my efforts first hand.

working for a mission driven company is important to me. The accessibility and
availability of education is something that affects every person. I am proud
and driven going to work each day knowing that I am helping to pave new roads
in the higher education space.

What is your role at the

I have had the
opportunity to wear many hats at Sagence Learning as we have grown over the
last three years, all of which have shaped my current role at the company.

Today, I help
customers and potential partners understand the ways that our solutions can
benefit their students and their faculty. I work with them to identify where
the largest educational impact can come from within their school and then support
them in maximizing the efficiencies of the internal processes needed for
program delivery. I believe that this two-fold approach is important for a strong
return on investment for the college or university and thus to delivering affordability
and quality for their students.

What’s most appealing to you
about our product and services?

I believe strongly
in removing time restrictions from learning. When students are given the
opportunity to move at the pace they need to truly learn and are provided with direct
assessments that enable them to display mastery, employers understand these
students are finishing their degrees with skills the job requires. That is
authentic career-focused education. This is not always true in traditional
education in general, and certainly not true for each student.

Our system supports
this type of personalized learning and allows colleges and universities to deliver
it at any scale - which is so important for the viability of the
competency-based learning method in the long term. 

project I am always most excited about is the next project. We are in
conversations right now with so many schools about ways that we can support
them in serving more students through personalized outcomes based education. This learning modality is finding traction in higher education that can
no longer be ignored. 

That said, working with the team to build and launch our technology for
the first time was a pretty exciting experience.

What should people
know about CBE (or Sagence Learning) and don’t?

This is a difficult
question to answer because I don’t think that competency-based education is one
thing to all people, which is why it is such a positive change for higher
education. CBE can be interpreted by each college and university adopting it in
the way that best supports their specific learner population and their
individual programs of study. This flexibility is why CBE emerged in the first
place and standardizing the method or mode of delivery is ultimately not a
benefit to the learner. At Sagence Learning we have built a technology that
supports all of the different iterations of CBE and are prepared to grow and adapt,
as this modality requires.

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