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University of Maine at Presque Isle Partners with Strut Learning, Inc. to Launch New Competency-Based Bachelor’s Degree & Supplemental Programs

Strut Learning, Inc. has partnered with the University of Maine at Presque Isle (UMPI) to enable its first full CBE program.

Education Designed to Connect Higher Education Students with their Career Aspirations

Washington, DC-- Strut Learning, Inc. has partnered with the University of Maine at Presque Isle (UMPI) to enable its first full CBE program. Designed to be delivered in both online and hybrid modalities, UMPI will launch a Bachelor's Degree Program in Business Administration, as well as competency-based learning modules for college algebra.  The college algebra module is intended to fill knowledge gaps for students beginning or resuming their educational journey and will be available to any student needing extra help with college level math.

UMPI and Strut Learning believe in expanding education opportunities for all students by providing flexible, learner-directed, and affordable programs that connect higher education with career aspirations. UMPI President Ray Rice stated, "Creating multiple degree pathways and providing students with opportunities that help them save time and money as they move toward degree completion is extremely important to us.”

“We are honored to be part of UMPI’s career advancement and degree completion initiatives”, stated Strut Learning’s CEO, Jade Roth, “our technology supports clear and demonstrable skill mastery and enables institutions like UMPI to meet the changing needs of both existing and new students.”  Unlike traditional self-paced CBE programs, UMPI will rely on an instructor-driven pacing model that capitalizes their faculty expertise. Faculty will be involved in all aspects of designing, delivering, and assessing curriculum. "Not only will this unique customization of CBE differentiate our University from other New England schools, it will also provide incoming and continuing students with a supportive and highly engaging start to their college education, said Dr. Rice. 

UMPI anticipates a Fall 2017 launch for their new competency based degree programs.

About University of Maine at Presque Isle

UMPI is an institution of opportunity where every student has the ability to thrive and succeed. Founded in 1903, UMPI specializes in personalized learning and providing access to real-world career experience. Following the 2012 State of Maine legislative initiative to introduce "proficiency-based education" in the state's public K-12 schools by 2018, UMPI leadership initiated an effort to develop CBE programming to address the challenges facing first generation, primarily low income, first-time, full-time students.

About Strut Learning: 

Strut offers proven, award-winning services and products that enable clients to innovate, transform and grow enrollments. Flexible, complete, high-quality GE, AA, BBA, MAOL accredited degree programs and a next-generation technology ecosystem radically reduce cost, complexity and time to market. Strut is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) learning company focused on enrollment growth. Our work redefines student support, retention and success required to attract techno-savvy millennial and generation-X students and grow. What’s a Strut? In short, we combine out of the box best in class LMS technology with an internal OPM model that empowers colleges and universities to efficiently deploy popular, high-quality online and hybrid programs in under 100 days; proven to grow enrollments. Strut invested $110M in a world-class technology platform designed to provide institutions with the power to rapidly (under 100 days) deploy a disruptive technology ecosystem and complete quality degree self-paced programs (GE, AA, BBA, BSIT, MAOL). Strut’s award-winning technology ecosystem is already in use at leading public and private institutions. Unlike others, who leverage third-party vendors to assemble a viable ecosystem - Strut delivers a proven and complete platform - able to effectively and efficiently provide instruction at scale. To help our partners modernize and optimize online offerings, we offer expert instructional planning and design services. Learn more about Strut Learning’s award-winning technologies and services by visiting our website.

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