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An easy to use Learning Management System by Strut Learning

An LMS for Innovators

A Learning Management Ecosystem designed for innovative educators who push the boundaries of teaching and learning

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Inspire, Innovate, Measure and Grow

Strut Learning worked with educators to create a Next-Gen Learning Management Ecosystem dedicated to bridging barriers to innovation and enrollment growth. In an era of disruption, institutions find themselves anchored to a legacy LMS. The result is unanticipated roadblocks for innovators transforming online learning.

Inspire students with Flexible teaching and learning


Flexible, personalized teaching and learning translate to relevance and students success. Unprecedented Automations, Workflows, and Analytics free faculty to teach and inspire students.

Lightning Bolt of Innovation for Online Learning


The emerging skills economy requires advanced instrumented, self-paced curriculum to optimize the online learning experience and connect the dots and skill maps needed to grow enrollments.

Measure Learning Outcomes


All data, down to the user click is maintained in a single database. A tightly integrated platform feeds a deep-data lake required to power game-changing analytics and machine learning.

Automate complex processes across all of your learning systems


Streamlines and automates integrations between the learning management platform and business systems.  First-of-its-kind bot automation framework increases efficiency and enhances the teaching and learning experience.

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Diagram of an Engaging Personalized learning with an intuitive Learning Management System (LMS)

Flexible Personalized Learning

Transformational Learning Management Ecosystem with integrated personalized learning, student success, authoring, deep-data, automations, workflows, and analytics. Designed from the ground up to connect authentic and measurable outcomes that align with in-demand skills.

Powerful analytics embedded in Rubrics for superior skill tracking

Curriculum + Innovation = Growth

The emerging skills economy requires advanced curriculum to grow enrollments. Agility becomes the new life-blood of educational institutions. Strut Learning empowers your team to move innovative, instrumented, and self-paced courseware into the classroom faster. Where skill and concept maps and other innovations enable students to market authentic progress to promote their career as the pace of transformation accelerates.

Next-Gen Analytics

Strut Learning delivers the power to understand and diagnose student performance in traditional and self-paced learning environments. In concert with faculty design partners, Strut recognized the key to flexible online learning is a combination of deep-data and analytics. The future of education requires unparalleled real-time insights into learning outcomes and skills that promote students careers. See how deep-data fuels enrollment growth.

Skills Tracking of students within Strut Learning's intuitive Learning Management System (LMS)
Diagram of a few of the applications that integrate and automate via Connect by Strut Learning

Eliminate Technical Roadblocks

Strut Learning works with any student information system. In collaboration with educational design partners, we completely reimagined integration and automation to deliver an ecosystem that empowered educators to bridge technical barriers. Read more about how our industry-first intelligent integration along with a robotic process automation framework enables educators to think beyond impossible.

Our Stories

We believe teachers are innovators at heart and Strut Learning's passion is to enable them to advance the art of online learning.

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