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+ Complete degree programs (GE, AA, BBA, MAOL)
+ Plug our courses directly into your LMS & teach
+ Accredited, customizable, quality courseware

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Can your institution thrive in an era of disruption?

Get easy to manage and engaging online courses to market faster.
Become a disruptor with Strut's turnkey degree programs.

Inspire students with Flexible teaching and learning


Faculty & Students demand a highly personalized experience that accelerates learning.

Lightning Bolt of Innovation for Online Learning


Individualized Learning in demand by tech-savvy students and employers and already in use at major universities.

Measure Learning Outcomes


Success & Retention require real-time insights that empower faculty to diagnose and engage.

Automate complex processes across all of your learning systems


Technology increases student engagement and reduces faculty workload 80%. 

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Diagram of an Engaging Personalized learning with an intuitive Learning Management System (LMS)

Accredited Courseware Ontap

Leverage Strut's extensive online courseware catalog to rapidly move courses and programs online. Keep your LMS, plug directly into our integrated project and objective-based assessment engines, personalized learning, early alert, deep-data, and analytics maximize instructor focus on teaching.

Powerful analytics embedded in Rubrics for superior skill tracking

Curriculum + Innovation = Speed to Market

Rapidly transition traditional on-ground courses into an online format.  Wizards templates, and guides power the transformation process.

Next-Gen Analytics

Engagement requires integrated analytics... with the power to efficiently diagnose student performance. The future of education requires unparalleled, real-time, data-driven insights into learning that enable students reach incremental goals faster.

Skills Tracking of students within Strut Learning's intuitive Learning Management System (LMS)
Diagram of a few of the applications that integrate and automate via Connect by Strut Learning

Eliminate Technical Roadblocks

Innovation requires a new approach... In a matter of minutes and without a single line of code, integrate Strut's Learning Cloud™ with your Student Information System (SIS). We completely reimagined integration and automation to empower educators to bridge technical barriers.

Our Stories

We believe educators are innovators at heart and Strut Learning's passion is to enable them to advance the art of online learning.

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