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Your Bridge to Innovate - Why Strut Learning?

As Sagence transitions to Strut, we are growing over 3,000 students a month, bringing new partners on board, and supporting the fastest growing university in California.

Our clients' amazing success in securing Fortune 500 business partnerships as well as smaller companies is a result of Sagence’s advanced technology, high-quality learning environment, and measurable learning outcomes. Now that our advanced next-generation learning platform and latest innovations such as Workflow and CONNECT have proven invaluable to increased efficiency and growth, it’s time to turn the page.  

We are proud of the work Sagence Learning has accomplished and are poised to build on this progress going forward. Competency-based education continues to gain momentum and enable institutions to grow as clients offer advanced self-paced programs to an increasing number of working adult students. As we looked forward, it became apparent a new name was required to communicate our brand, products, and support offerings.

Support and the ability to move beyond barriers is the inspiration behind our new name: Strut. The concept is a nod to struts on a bridge that create a beautiful and strong structure. Our new name and brand are focused on support and solutions that empower innovators to move past roadblocks. As Strut, we continue to deliver the next-generation educational ecosystem that enables innovation with rapid development, delivery, management and administration of intuitive and flexible learning modalities demanded by today’s techno-savvy students, faculty and administrators.

A commitment to enrollment growth, student success, retention, and outcomes drive everything Strut does. A rich, engaging student experience that includes seamless support designed to actively move students through the flexible self-paced learning experience along with industry-leading insights is available today.

As we approach the mid-point of 2019, I'm proud and excited to share more about Strut’s plans.

Founded in 2014, Strut Learning partners with institutions to implement transformational education initiatives aimed at increasing adult learner enrollments. The rise of self-paced and competency-based education programs that target non-traditional students seeking opportunity in the skills economy demand new technical solutions that enable faculty to operate in this asynchronous environment.

The Strut Learning platform is the first next-generation learning platform built with the student at the center, rather than the course. It provides maximum flexibility and student support by actively augmenting faculty workflow to ensure maximum cognitive focus on tasks that advance learning. Innovative colleges and universities who recognize they must offer new kinds of programs select Strut Learning as their technology partner.

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