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Can your institution survive the coming disruption? In the past 180 days - Strut enabled clients to add 1,800,000 B2B student prospects.

Next-Gen Engagement

Students thrive within our game-theory inspired personalized learning experience. Every step of the way, the platform delivers content customized to the individual learner.  Courseware interactions dynamically generate remediations designed to move the learner towards mastery. Each click feeds the unified deep-data lake. Powerful analytics inform faculty on progress and challenges in real-time.

Incredible personalized experiences for students within Cognify by Strut Learning

Integrated Learning Ecosystem

It's critical for all core learning applications, such as personalized learning to be integrated into a single platform; Legacy LMS vendor's leverage LTI and other methods to add core features like personalized learning. Because these external systems are loosely integrated, data remains in off-platform databases. Strut Learning feels so strongly that data is the key to advancing education that we tightly integrate core learning features and store all data in a single database. We express this as the "Power of One", meaning one platform, one data store for all core learning functions and data.

A diagram of the Power of One by Strut Learning

Strut Extends Personalization

A gamified personalized learning experience provides single-click remediation and accelerates faculty diagnostics of student challenges with specific learning content or concepts.

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