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Analytics + Deep-Data

Strut difference? Amazing out-of-the-box analytics  and clients really own their data.

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Next-Gen Analytics

The "Power of One" maintains core data, down to the click in a"single" deep-data lake for real-time analysis. Strut Learning's unified design and its deep-data lake is the secret behind its game-changing analytics and automations.

Flexible Learning Methodologies 

Strut's core mission is to empower educators to transform learning. The backbone of innovation is data transformed into information. That's why data access and out-of-the-box reports are included; there are no additional fees for access to your data. 

+ Actively manage student success with high-fidelity dashboards
+ Analytics, workflows, and automations transform the faculty experience.
+ Dashboards provide unparalleled transparency into pace and progress

Benchmarks possible within Certify for Strut Learning

Deep-Data + Analytics = Speed

Strut Learning delivers the power to understand and diagnose student pace and progress within traditional and self-paced learning environments.

In concert with faculty design partners, Strut recognized the key to flexible online learning was a combination of deep-data and analytics. The future of education requires unparalleled real-time insights into measurable learning outcomes and skills that promote students careers. See how deep-data fuels enrollment growth?

Example of Competency or Course progress across the aggregate

Analytics + the “Power of One”

Are you tired of legacy LMS reports? Learn more about Strut's next-generation deep-data and analytics.

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