Diagram of a few of the applications that integrate and automate via Connect by Strut Learning
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Integrate & Automate

Strut Learning's industry first technology streamlines student information system integration, automates processes and even extends to integrate with other services such as badging, comprehensive learning record and more.

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Configuration Over Code

Without a single line of code, educators can innovate in directions never before imagined. It may sound futuristic, but only Strut Learning delivers an RPA framework, complete with cloud bots that reduce costs, increase student support and satisfaction that drives success, retention, and growth.

Eliminate Technology Barriers

As the pace of disruption increases, the ability to quickly break through barriers to innovation will directly impact enrollment growth and retention. Strut Learning is the only LMS with a fully integrated deep-data lake and advanced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) framework designed to automate routine tasks and processes.

Our configuration over code model breaks down barriers to innovation when something new is attempted. Examples of this include:

> Badging solution
> Institution compliance and federal financial aid
> Standard Term, Non-Standard Term and Non-Term support
> Customized messaging strategy triggered by student behavior

Strut's platform reaches beyond the LMS to automate data collection, transport and transactions between multiple cloud and campus enterprise business systems.

A diagram of an ecosystem where Connect has worked to limit technology barriers

Cuts Implementation Time 99%

Advanced flexible learning modalities are complex to implement because of the asynchronous nature of students progress through these programs. CONNECT was designed to eliminate complexity, ensure institution compliance, and enable innovation. Out-of-the-box plugin and integrations include:

> Learning Management Systems (LMS)
> Enterprise Resource Management (ERP)
> Student Information Systems (SIS) 
> Financial Aid (optional)
> Comprehensive Student Record (optional)
> Badging/Micro Credentials (optional)

A diagram depicting how Connect by Strut Learning works to cut implementation time by 99%

Integrate + Automation = Innovation

The pathway to growth is directly through innovation. Without a modern, modular, Next-Gen learning ecosystem institutions struggle to efficiently break into new markets. Adult learners expect high-touch automations that drive progress forward in short sprints. StrutLearning delivers the technology you need to succeed in the emerging skills marketplace.

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